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A600090 – Baking Oven – Two Decks

Power: Double Deck
380 V
3 Phase Plus Neutral
25 kW, 110 Amps
(40 Amps Per Phase)
Capacity: Trays:
8 x 400 mm x 600 mm
18 x BO 3 (54 Loaves)
External Size: 1610W X 980H X 1070D

Available in single and double deck configurations. Each deck has a single chamber with two separate doors. Energy-saving high density insulation. Powerful 13 KW rating per deck ensures quick heating and a constant temperature throughout.
Dual thermostatic control on each deck. Baking Oven can be rested on an
optional Prenox Prover to save space. Optional stainless steel baking oven