Oven Range Overview

Prenox have developed a wide range of Convection Ovens to suite most catering requirements. The range extends from a 4 Pan to a 40 Pan, all developed with Convection technology. Compared to a conventional oven, a Prenox Convection Oven reduces cooking temperatures by up to 25% and reduces cooking time by approximately 20%. That's because the fan installed in every Prenox Convection Oven circulates heated air in the cooking chamber. This ensures that food is warmed faster as the moving air strips away the thin layer of cold air that would otherwise surround and insulate the food.

Furthermore, by circulating hot air over the food, the convection technology operates the oven at a lower temperature than standard, conventional ovens which means the food cooks quicker. The air circulation technology also aids in eliminating 'hot spots' and thereby ensuring even baking results.